Hey guys bumper news day!


tonight from 6pm I will be appearing on the excellent Steve Lamacq’s radio show on round table.

Also I am pleased to announce my 6th full length Edinburgh fringe show Catastrophe Party will run nightly from the 6th of August 2015 at 8pm at the Underbelly in Edinburgh. ticket news to come soon.

Also I am back on every weds 1-4pm every week live and you can here it in the past and the future by signing up to their free app.

OH and I had a sandwich it was wicked.

Music Video appearance

Hey gang. on the day of Maggie’s death my friend Alan Donohoe the lead singer of  THE RAKES has launched the first single from his new band CHAMPAGNE CAMPAIGN which is a tender love song about Dennis and Margret thatcher and has me in the background of the video trying to dance!!!!

see the video here

i will also be announcing a date for the very first preview of my new show later this very day.


until then enjoy yourselves x


Tonight it is an honor and a privilege for me to be supporting the best surreal comic around at the moment, star of Buzzcocks, Stewart Lee’s alternative comedy, Have i got News for you and the Teenage cancer trust gigs with Noel Fielding and Russell Brand, MR TONY LAW.


If you havent seen him he is a surreal genius and a whirlwind of Canadian bluster.

If you live in the midlands come and see the show its an alternative comedy treat and we don’t notice stuff or have mainstream hair, we are coming to Nottingham and we are gonna kick it straight in it’s laughter box.


I promise i will update my gigs page soon. x

LEICESTEROIDS! DAVE’s Leicester comedy Festival

Gang I will be doing 2 very special 1 hour shows at DAVE’S Comedy festival in Leicester This weekend and Monday here are the details if you want to come and see me there are a limited no of tickets at 2-4-1

details can be found below and i will update my live page at the weekend.


mega love Joey xx


 i promise i will update my gigs age soon. have a nice weekend xxxx

Nevermind the Buzzcocks

So today is the big day. Almost exactly a year after my debut on the old idiot box I make my return to Nevermind the Buzzcocks tonight. I shall be appearing tonight’s Christmas special at time on BBC 2 and it will be repeated again on Sunday date at time. (different in Scotland). I am very luck as I will appear along side my partner in crime and Mentor Mr Noel Fielding and tonight’s show is hosted by one of my biggest influences and heroes. A man that as an 11 year old nipper I would watch on tv and then run to my room and remake his sketches on my talk-boy, ( ha remember them)  He is also a man who told me in the tech run through that I was “so lucky to have such a smart little reversible jacket” Tonight’s host is none other than the comedy genius and fine purveyor of jackets  that is BOB MORTIMER. Tune in and let me know what you think via Twitter and Facebook

You can also catch my previous appearance in the Videos section.

Boob Tube TV Show

Today I will be launching an internet t.v. clips show that I have written and star in. Parts one and two of episode 1 are being launched here today to celebrate my appearance on Nevermind the Buzzcocks Christmas special. Please, please,  please (plus another 16 pleases) watch it and like it and tell everyone you can. I tried to get a couple of sitcoms made and the bbc said they were great but not “normal enough or not about a couple living in a flat” which is all they are looking for so I am going to make things myself so please help me get to 100,000 hits or a million or the biggest number you can think of. See Episode 1 Part 1 and Episode 1 Part 2.

Thanks and merry Christmas. xx


When I am not flouncing around the stage with a hat precariously perched atop of my bonce I also like to write my general thoughts down and convince some man to stick it in his magazine.
Here are a couple of articles I have written for The Reliant a south London art magazine and an interview I did.


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